Terms And Conditions

1. Service Description

''Scores and Levels”, with tax number 515 493 457 and headquartered at Praceta Arquiteto Fernandes da Silva, no. 142, 4410-335 Valadares, Portugal (hereinafter referred to as '”Scores & Levels”) is a company that, among other activities, is dedicated to the generation of segmented audiences, involved with messages, media and brands and that, using creative strategies, the production of relevant content and digital know-how, interrelates with its user or customer and builds relationships between people and brands.

The Subscriber expresses its agreement to the following:

In this way, when you visit our website you will find information related to Scores & Levels' commercial offer, as a company providing digital marketing services or, on the other hand, you will find several articles, of original, free and exempt publication that have their own content guided by the highest standards of criteria and rigor, based on reliable, solid and consistent information sources.

Scores & Levels is concerned with the interests of its customers and its users and is guided by the transparency and clarity of information.

In the same sense, Scores & Levels has set up a digital strategy, which can help a lot in the business of our customers, and which it uses for itself, as it bases its business development on the different digital marketing models that we want understand they exist before you browse our websites, they are:

  • Sponsored Content - On its website, Scores & Levels publishes sponsored content, according to the defined editorial criteria and with the pertinence and interest of the audience. All sponsored content published by Scores & Levels is identified as such.
  • Display Advertising - this is an online advertising model, based on the use of visual creatives, such as advertising boxes, photos and videos, which are placed throughout the Scores & Levels website and which are strategically organized by themes related to who habitually searches. These aim to communicate a value proposal for a specific brand or advertising campaign related to interests that, due to the cookie technology that has been stored on your computer, you accept that we may be aware of.
    With this customization, Scores & Levels thus advertises brands and campaigns, helping these ads to be more noticed and that, because they are presented only to people whose related interest is already mapped, will contribute to a more satisfacted user.
  • Lead Generation - In certain situations, when browsing the Scores & Levels website, you may be faced with several interactions, which seek to promote the collection of your data, such as: Chatbots, Push Notifications and / or Web Forms, which, with greater or lesser capacity to adapt to your interests, you will be asked for certain personal data (such as name, age, gender, email, phone, etc.). At any of these moments, you will only give in and interact with them if you feel you should do so. If you do, your data and your profile will become a contact, integrating only the Scores & Levels Database, which has adequate security measures and guarantees.

If you have consented in a clear, free and unambiguous way to do so, you will be able to see suggested content of interest or related products, both via Email marketing, via SMS marketing, IVR Call, or Callcenter Call by both Scores & Levels, and by partner companies, with your segment if you have clearly identified it for that purpose, if you have equally and separately consented to it.

We remind you that, according to our Privacy Policy (which remains available for consultation on this link), you can withdraw your consent at all times, either by unsubscribing, or by sending an email or letter to the addresses provided in the Privacy Policy referred to above.

Likewise, if there are any doubts about the operation of this or the Scores & Levels website, you can use the contacts mentioned there to see them clarified.

If any information from the user is false or inaccurate, Scores & Levels reserves the right to cancel the subscription and terminate the user's rights to use the Service.

2. Limitation of Liability

The User expressly accepts to assume exclusively any and all risks arising from the use of the services or the sharing of personal data referred to above in an unlawful manner or without authorization from its owner.
Scores & Levels is not responsible for the impossibility of use, business interruption, or for direct or indirect, special, accidental, or consequential damages of any kind of negligence (including loss of benefits).

Scores & Levels does not guarantee that the service meets the requirements of the User, nor that the service is not interrupted, nor that it is safe on open networks, opportune or free from errors, nor does it guarantee the results obtained from the use of the Service or the accuracy or reliability of the information obtained through the service. Likewise, it does not guarantee the correction of defects in the Service.
The websites, emailings, push notifications, chat applications and / or sms sent by Scores & Levels may refer to links to other websites - from third parties - that are outside the control of Scores & Levels, and are not controlled by you.

In case the user accesses other websites using these links, he should be aware that those websites may, eventually, request and collect personal data, according to their respective privacy policy, which may be different from Scores & Levels and about which Scores & Levels will have no liability.

3. Prohibition of Resale or Commercial Use of the Services

The use of the Services is only for Scores & Levels Users and Customers. Users and Customers agree not to grant or make any commercial use of the Service without the express consent of Scores & Levels.

4. Subscriber's Conduct

The User is the sole responsible for the content of the transmissions derived from the use of the Service. The use of the service by the User will be subject to applicable legislation at national, European and international level.

The User understands and accepts:

  • Not to use the Service for illicit purposes, or prohibited in this document;
  • Not to interfere with the network systems connected to the Service, nor dismantle them;
  • To comply with all regulations, provisions and procedures of the network systems connected to the permission marketing campaign service.

Scores & Levels may, at its own discretion, immediately terminate its services, if the conduct of any User is not in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

5. Compensation

The User agrees to indemnify and exonerate Scores & Levels, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors and workers / employees from all responsibility, from any claim or process, including reasonable fees spent with Lawyers, as a result of the improper use of the services, as well as for the infraction by the User of the established in the present agreement.

6. Participation or Adhesion to Advertising Campaigns

The User, if he chooses to maintain correspondence with Third Parties, as brands whose products are presented on the Scores & Levels website, must be aware that any delivery of goods, or provision of services, as well as the payment of the same or any other terms, conditions and guarantees related to such correspondence will be established only between the User and the Customer. Scores & Levels assumes no responsibility, nor any obligation arising from such correspondence or participation.

7. Modifications to the Conditions of Service

Due to the specificities of the Scores & Levels website - and in order to be able to provide the most appropriate service at all times - Scores & Levels may modify these Terms & Conditions, considering the User notified of them, by communicating changes to their version on one of our websites, so that the User is aware of them.

The uninterrupted use of the Scores & Levels website by the User will constitute a ratification of this document, with the modifications and alterations that have been made.

8. Modifications to the Service

For the same reasons mentioned above, Scores & Levels reserves the right to modify or interrupt any of its services, in whole or in part, having sent notification or not to the User and Reader.

Scores & Levels will not be liable to the User or third parties for exercising their right to modify or interrupt their services.

9. Termination of Relationship

Both the User and Scores & Levels may terminate the Services at any time, without notice, with or without justification, and such decision will be immediately effective.

If the User does not agree with any clause of the Terms & Conditions of this agreement or any of its modifications, or even if he is not satisfied with the services provided and better explained here, he must: 

  • Discontinue using the services;
  • Cancel your subscription to the services;
  • Notify Scores & Levels of his intention.

At the time of the request, the services will cease, after a reasonable period of time for completing this process, which in the case of exercising rights may take a period of 30 days, or 60 in cases of special complexity.

10. Intellectual Property and Copyright

All the content of this website, such as: photographs, drawings, graphics, engravings, icons, texts, software, trade names, brands, logos or any other distinguishing signs susceptible of industrial and commercial use, is the property of Scores & Levels or third parties who have duly authorized their inclusion on this website and are protected by Copyright and Related Rights, and Industrial Property Rights, under Portuguese and European Union laws, international conventions and other laws. 

The User may not reproduce, modify, transform, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, provide, make available or allow access to the public, through any form of public communication of any of the elements referred to in the previous paragraph. The User must use the materials, elements and information that he / she accesses through this website solely for his / her personal needs, the direct or indirect commercial exploitation of them being expressly prohibited, except with prior written authorization from Scores & Levels or, as the case may be, of third parties with intellectual and industrial property rights.

11. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by Portuguese law, subjecting the parties, in case of dispute, to the Courts of the District of Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal).

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